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Eat the Rich. [Apr. 23rd, 2011♥12:57 am]
I find it hilarious some of the things rich people come up with to defend their wealth and their somehow divine right to go on making bigger and bigger mountains of cash. I think part of the reason we actually listen to this garbage is because we don't often hear any differing views in most mainstream media outlets - it's pretty rare to get anything less than a glowing review of "financial success" from any source, whether left, right or center. And I find it pretty disturbing in light of recent and continuing price shocks and punishments so many people not just in our own country but all over the world are enduring. So here's a little food for thought.
  • Personal wealth is achieved through skill and hard work. These are good qualities. Why should people who exhibit good qualities be punished with high taxes and strict regulations?
The truth is that personal wealth, or getting rich is hard work, there's no doubt about that. But so what? Lots of things in life are hard work. There are literally millions of things that human beings can be successful at and yet not get rich doing them. Being a good parent. Earning a degree in medicine. Skydiving. Etc.

Accumulating large amounts of personal wealth is always a highly deliberate and intensely selfish choice. People don't get and keep vast fortunes by accident. But there is only so much wealth available in the world. The amount of dollars and assets is certainly large, but finite. Inevitably when someone accumulates more than their fair share, they are stealing from someone else.

Greed and theft are hardly virtues to be applauded. Those rare few that are neither thieves nor gluttons simply do not become rich. The plutocratic economic system that we are now saddled with has those features built in, like a system of filters designed to create a kind of economic "survival of the fittest". The weapons in this evolutionary war are not, as in the natural world, bigger eyes or sharper teeth. They are new and creative ways to evade taxes, to get more labor for less from their workforce, to inveigle and defraud investors with better and less detectable fraud and kick-back schemes, and to cheat the customer into accepting less product or service of decreasing quality for an ever-increasing price. Where do all the savings from all this cutting and trimming and nipping and tucking go? Straight to the top - sucked up greedily by executives for bonuses that reward cronyism and phoned-in work performances, then funneled into various hedge funds where the bonus-sucking maneuver can be performed again and again. Until finally the investor who cares nothing for the company, the environment, the workers or the customers gets to collect a buck for doing... nothing. Just for... being rich in the first place!

At the present, being rich is tantamount to being a criminal. It is prima facie evidence at the very least of an extremely selfish individual who will never willingly give one red cent to anyone else. Not giving one red cent to their workers or their country is exactly how they became rich in the first place.

Selfishness and greed are natural traits, present in all of us, it's true. But so is aggression and murder. And we outlaw and punish those behaviors because we recognize that they are anti-social. So why not greed too? Those who cannot see or refuse to see that they are not the center of the universe need to be compelled to see it, by vigorously forcing them to contribute a much larger share to the rebuilding of the people and communities they destroy to enrich themselves.