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Spiff! [Nov. 21st, 2010♥11:36 am]
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Not really sure if I'm going to stick to LJ this time either... lol The reason I got turned off to it in the first place hasn't gone away - for one thing, I've always been a pretty private person and I don't like airing my dirty (or clean) laundry in public.

I felt like I was getting to a point where I was just posting silly, mundane details of my life that in the grand scheme were pretty inconsequential and I just kept feeling like, "what's the point"?

Of course, this was before sites like Twitter and Facebook even existed. Now you can post every pointless detail of your life for the whole world to see! The planet is, of course, just dying to know what color socks you chose to wear today. You can "friend" random strangers that you've never met in your life and never will! The word "friend" has lost almost all meaning in popular culture. It's kind've sad - most people's FB "friends" would probably take their wallet and car keys if they found them laying unconscious somewhere.

But anyway. Enough bitching. :) To quasi-celebrate my return to LJ, I've updated my journal's look. If it burns your eyeballs, let me know and I'll try to tone it down. My favorite color is red if it wasn't obvious. ;)


[User Picture]From: simplypip
2010-11-22 08:41 pm (UTC)
It's funny you say this, because as you make have noticed I basically only used my LJ for broadcasting a summary of my Twitter activity for the day, but a few months ago the site that does that went down.

Now? I use Plurk. It's basically like Twitter or Facebook statuses, but each messages is its own thread. Don't like the conversation that's happening based on one message? Mute it. Want to have someone friended, but they spam your main timeline? Remove them, and they'll never know. Privacy is much more under control, and it has more features for embedding content and links than Twitter does.

Added bonus for me is that it has a huge crowd of roleplayers on it, so it's always fun to find out about new open posts, memes, and such.
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[User Picture]From: amaranth7
2010-11-23 10:25 am (UTC)
Neat. :) Never even heard of it... I'll have to remember to check it out!
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